Some things cannot be described in one word.  And that would apply to Toy High of "Just Toy" Written Expressions, Owner of Malicious Pleasure Entertainment & Gansta Glam! A workforce to be reckoned with! A creative being who enjoys and loves the beautiful positive things in life.  A person of passion who lives out her dreams just not only through words because SHE is a writer.  But because in her words, "Life is one life to live and even if I am not a huge success I can say that I have lived and pursued my dreams." A woman who is full of personality & wit. A creative soul that is at times consumed with the many talents she has and would love to pursue each one.  Just Toy's journey has been one truly of huge ups and downs and has not let any of her circumstances stop her from doing what she loves.  Maybe one day Just Toy will write a book of her life! (pun intended) In speaking with Toy she will tell you this as well, "This is the game and not practice! I love that line Allen Iverson said in an interview.  That is how I see life especially mine!  This is the game, not practice but the game!" We all can agree to that. 



@ Just Toy Talking 2 Much 

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